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Espace entreprise
Create cohesion between your developers.
Increase their efficiency.
A private corporate space
Gather all your developers with their skills in a safe and private space.
Un accès personalisé
A personalized acces
Each of your users will have his own space
Editeur de code partagé
Simple exchanges
Create team cohesion trough our shared code editor and our chat.
How does it work?
One of your developers is blocked?
Do not worry he can easily get some help from his colleagues trough our chat or the shared code editor which has a functionnal live video option included.
No solution in your nearby contacts, please utilize our mission's module.
Each developer can post a mission in his corporate space so that one of his colleague, even far away must be able to see it and reply.
Each developer get a personalized dashboard, he also can customize it at will with our plug ins.
All the Blocklance tools are reachable trough only one screen like our block code which will permit you to quicly create and share your code pieces.
a team cohesion upgraded due to shared and simplified expertises !
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Travailler en équipe
Your teams can permanently work together and from everywhere with our Blocklance mobile application.
Disponible sur mobile
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